Private Nutrition Therapy

The way I guide my clients through their personal nutrition journey is completely unique. It will be different than anything you’ve experienced before and at times it will feel like therapy. I am not going to tell you what to eat, how much or when. But, I will give you the tools you need to discover what works best for you. I want to hear about your diet and how it’s served you over the years. While I know we will discuss your body image and weight, I find it unethical to promote weight loss. Rather, we focus on health promoting behaviors that will last a lifetime. 

I incorporate the principles of Intuitive Eating and advocate for Health At Every Size as I help you overcome food restriction and heal from chronic dieting. 

What you will learn:


How to Ditch the Scale


Break Free from Diet Culture and diet mentality


Find Peace with Food


Body Love and Acceptance


How to Remove Food Guilt


Research-based nutrition strategies for Managing medical issues


How it works

Month 1:

week 1 - |Initial Consultation| 60 minutes

Week 2 - |Guided Game PLan| 60 minutes

Week 3 - |Follow-Up| 30 minutes

Week 4 - |Follow-up| 30 minutes

Month 2:

4, 30 minute follow up sessions (once per week)

Month 3:

2, 30 Minute Follow Up Sessions (Every other week)

Month 4:

2, 30 minute Follow Up Sessions (Every other week)

Month 5:

1, 30 minute follow up Session

Month 6:

1, 30 minute follow up session 

What you get

|one-on-one professional guidance| |a client-centered plan of action| |individual support + attention|

|access to Be Happily Fed subscription materials - as individually needed| |access to a private client portal| |private FaceBook group: Happily Fed Group Chat|

New Client Application

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I am ready to heal my relationship with food

Devrie Pettit, MS, RDN is not a physician. She does not diagnose. She rather, utilizes her expertise in nutrition and exercise to provide a client-centered plan of action. Please discuss your medical concerns with your doctor first.