You aren't what you eat,
you are so much more!


"The well-intentioned pursuit of wellness and so-called healthy weight has been hijacked by a confluence of factors, and healthy eating has evolved into a near religious endeavor, with morality and absolution attained through consuming the 'proper diet'. Public health policy has contributed to this dilemma by declaring a war on obesity; a holy war, if you will, which has led to both the weight stigma and flourishing diet industry - to the tune of about $60 billion per year."

- Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN & Elyse Resch, MS, RDN - The Intuitive Eating Workbook


BELIEFS or ideals that place more importance on body size, shape, and weight

rather than on overall health and well-being 

We are swimming in diet-culture. Some of us are so deep that we are drowning. While others would never dream of mentioning the "D word", we are innocently at least ankle deep. Research shows that diets have an incredibly high failure rate. We are beginning to recognize this. While we would never succumb to a 7-day juice cleanse, we desire to reduce the size of our bodies through pseudo-dieting: challenges, clean eating, elimination diets, macro counting, or simply "cutting back." The elusive and coveted world of wellness and thinness is a disguise for diet-culture. Our intentions are well-meaning but we either become consumed or we burn out. We are lost in a world of conflicting nutrition information, pseudo-science, new fads, trendy superfoods, and supplements. If we don't stop the madness now, we'll be stuck in this cycle well into our 80's! Life is so much more than what you eat. 

I believe in putting weight loss goals aside... 

The journey to discovering peace with food and exercise is much more enjoyable when an individual is not attached to a number, size, or aspiration photo. The confidence, appreciation, and respect gained for one's body is truly rewarding. Freedom from diet-mentality means enjoying life to its fullest. It is brunching on the weekends without feeling obligated to get a workout before. It is confidently ordering something other than a salad for lunch or going to a restaurant without looking up the nutrition information beforehand. It is eating ice cream with your family because your son just hit a home run - real, creamy ice cream! Food is not the most important component to health. Surprised? 






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Meet Devrie

Devrie Pettit is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. She received her BS degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Utah State University. She then went on to complete her Dietetic Internship and receive her Master’s Degree from Stony Brook University in New York. She studied the Mediterranean Diet in Italy where her love for Italian cuisine grew. She is also a certified Pilates instructor, teaching at Studio Core Pilates.

Devrie has worked at Life Time Fitness as the Nutrition Coach and co-developed a corporate wellness program for the top insurance brokerage firm in Utah. Devrie co-founded a successful online business named PureFit PureFood in 2014 and has re-branded it to support a more concise wellness message focused on Intuitive Eating, HAES, and restriction recovery. She does not believe in diets, loves to cook, and try new restaurants. Devrie is a wife and mother of four. Raising them as "foodies" rather than "health nuts" is one of her deepest passions.



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