Be Happily fed comes in 6 individual Journals or 1 full Journal

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Are you exhausted from starting every diet/detox/program/meal plan?

Are you confused about what to eat?

Do you want to break free from eating rules?

Do you want flexibility and an unwavering confidence on your pathway to health?

Discover What it means to #behappilyfed

Be Happily Fed

guides you in:

+ creating a nourishment plan that works for you

+ IDENTIFYING your Self-care needs

+ Discovering a joyful movement pattern

+ Organizing your daily tasks while freeing your mind from consuming food thoughts


Be Happily Fed:

Full Six Month Journal

Undoing your thoughts and behaviors around food takes time. Go at your own pace through six different intentions to relax around food.

What’s Inside:

Seasonal Recipe Section

Inspirational Quote

Six Modules:

  • To-do Lists

  • Self-Care Checklist

  • Joyful Movement Calendars

  • Practical Exercises

  • Menu Starter

  • Nourishment Journal Pages


I took my time through this experience. As an “app gal”, I wasn’t sure I would be interested in jouranling with a pen and paper. But, I found it to be incredibly therapeutic. All I wanted was to be less consumed in how I ate. Food thoughts took over my life. Now, I feel at peace. I enjoy my food. I recommend this experience to anyone!”
— Megan, C.

Individual Journals: