"Total Twaddle" Food Tips:

Nutrition doesn't always have to be as complicated as some make it. Always second guess those who promote things that don't make sense and come from those who don't have the credentials to back up their tips. We need to trust our bodies more, they are magnificent. Feed them food. I love this article from The Angry Chef, who also has a degree in Biochemistry. According to him, here are 10 Tips that are total Twaddle - what a great word!

  1. Detox: "a detox does not occur when you drink vegetable juices"
  2. Alkaline foods: "there is no science behind this"
  3. Coconut oil: "It does not fight disease and eating lots of it will not make you thin"
  4. Butter in coffee: It does not trigger weight loss
  5. Gluten free is healthy: if you've been following us for a while, I hope you know this is not the case
  6. Microwaves: cooking in general cuts down on some nutritional value, but not enough to make it significant
  7. Chlorophyll: No need to take any sort of supplement

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