Cori Baker is mom of two, a former IFBB Pro, a AFPA Nutrition Consultant, and “Diet Dropout”. One of the biggest fears, if not THE biggest fear of adopting a non-diet approach to health is weight shifts. Well, that’s putting things delicately…people are afraid of gaining weight. It is real, raw, and scary. I have loved reading about Cori’s journey away from her lean physique to a more natural, curvier, well-balanced body. Here are her tips for letting go of the thin ideal…

Striving for a much smaller body and wishing away all body fat can take away so much brain space and life. It’s an uphill battle. It’s a battle that we are taught we can win by hopping on the newest diet, taking a magic pill four times per day, or by doing the right combo of exercises. The constant pursuit of thinness promises happiness, a slew of “oh wow, you look so amazing” comments, and social acceptance. Would it be so attractive if dieting and the pursuit If thinness came with a side of cold hands, a slowed metabolic rate, hair loss, fatigue, irritability, a compromised relationship to food, body dysmorphia, social gathering withdrawal (to ensure you can still meet said “goal?” It’s not as shiny when we start talking about some of the possible repercussions. 

Ask yourself some questions about what this chase will do for you? How will it bless your life? Do you think it makes you feel more accepted? Accepted by those closest to you...or those you never talk to in person? Online connections through social media can be amazing, but at the end of the day we don’t lay down and think, “oh my goodness I am SO GLAD that so-and-so has visible abs.” Usually it’s a feeling of comparison or envy, right? Think on that for a minute. 


I have a proposition for you- for the next few weeks take focus off of trying to look like so and so. Let go of the pressure! Understand that having fat on your body is not only crucial for so many functions, but it is OK and normal! Focus on the best all around version of you! Eat for health and pleasure, train for health and pleasure, and live with health a pleasure. 

XOXo, Cori

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