A monthly Membership

Each month you will create health promoting habits, become fearless with food, discover joyful movement, and become more confident in the kitchen while you build self-love. On the first of each month, the following will be added to the curriculum:


Part 1

A health-promoting focus with a beautiful printable to display anywhere you need a reminder


Part 2

A monthly, research-based & practical nutrition lesson taught through a beautiful powerpoint with voice-over


Part 3

A self-guided homework handout to bring the lesson to life


Part 4

A seasonal recipe collection with ingredient spotlights, easy to follow printables with step-by-step instructions


Part 5

A "menu starter" for flexible, weekly meal ideas


Part 6

Movement library with short videos to use in any way you wish


Part 7

An interactive community & bi-monthly email check-ins


Part 8

Monthly prizes to keep things fun!